Hello, my name is


Bitcoin margin Trader, Crytpo- Investor & DOAist

About me

  • I am a Bitcoin Margin Trader, Crypto- Investor & DAOist.
  • So I would like to introduce you with my screen name that is VITRUVIUS, who happens to be a civil engineer and a philosopher from Ancient Rome. However this VITRUVIUS resides in India’s national capital. The motivation to make Vitruvius my screen name is from the fact that I have graduated in Civil Engineering and had been part of the Architectural, Engineering and Construction Industry for some time. Later i go on to pursue Master in Business administration with majors in Marketing & International Business. Got Crypto pilled in 2016 due to my sheer interest in economics and curiosity to learn more about how things works under the surface. From there onwards never turned back. I hodl through the euphoria of the 2017 Bull run felt like an idiot althrough the bear market from 2018-2020.
  • I am a contributor to the index-coop APAC initiative.
  • I am perpevangelist helping the Perpetual Protocol to make decentralised perpetual trading the next big thing.
    Associated with CitaDAO in their mission to Democratize and Tokenize Real Estate Market.
  • Proactive Member Eden on EOS member working to turnaround the EOS Blockchain.
  • Heading EOS bee initiative for the Indian Market Part of 2 awesome crypto investor trader and investor community on telegram with over 10k & 5k members.

Structural Engineer By Education Love Designing Buildings Now Building Block chain !

  • To increase the visibility among the indian crypto community so they can be made aware and motivated to sign up and do activities on Dapp platform by contacting strategic indian individuals on various platform who create content related to crypto currency.
  • Possess strong analytical & problem solving skill, with ability to make well thought out decisions.
  • Liason with Indian Based Exchanges for Listing.
  • Liason with well followed publishing media house related to crypto for Indian User Adoption.
  • As a group admin of Telegram Community managing group of more than 15k people, entertaining their questions, creating good will among hodlers about the project, keeping a check on naysayers to the project.
  • Making group free from spam deleting post likes vulgar post, referral links, abusive language, racist comments etc.
  • Encouraging people to vote on exchanges like kucoin, binance, Mercatox etc.
  • Bounty task checking and related announcement.
    Sorting spreadsheet Entries, Removing Suspicious Entries etc.





Academic Career And Info



Not anything yet related to Crypto!! but Looking forward for suggestions


MBA in Marketing & International Bussiness, B-Tech in Civil Engineering


Community Management – Telegram, Reddit, Bitcointalk (Junior Member Rank)


1. EOSex.com-First Hybrid Exchange on EOS platform- Customer Support & Service with Telegram Community Management.

2. India Region Karmaapp.io Growth Hacker.


  • Viuly.io- Customer Support & Service with Telegram Community Management of the main english group from 07.00PM to 02.30AM IST (Contract Ended)
  • Vice Industry Token- Management of Hindi Specific Community. (Contract Ended)
  • Erc20 (OLD) in the capacity of telegram group admin.
  • Nkor in the capacity of telegram group admin; project didn’t took off by then. change hand back then with the core team.
  • Yoomi-pha in the capacity of telegram group admin for the main channel of more than 21k members; project been stalled for now indefinitely.
  • Involved in the bounty checking for etherjack & eth.town ; etherjack got forfeited due to soft cap not been reached.
  • Eth.town bounty version 2.0 is awaited.